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Kagoshima is the capital city of Kagoshima Prefecture at the south western tip of the island of Kyushu and is famous for composite volcano, Sakurajima.
Kagoshima has a personality to match its climate, voted Japan's friendliest city nationwide.

Locals carry their umbrellas everywhere they go to repel against the mountain's recurrent eruptions, when fine ash coats the landscape like snow and hides the sun like fog it can be quite mystical and captivating. The entire prefecture has a special 'Ash Forecast' as part of the weather report and once ash starts falling you'll understand why: it stings, coats your teeth with grit, dirties futons and laundry. 



Local Food

The warm weather and diverse environments allow the Kagoshima Prefecture to thrive and gain nationwide and worldwide quality products. Numerous restaurants around Kagoshima feature Satsuma Province local cuisine. kibinago sashimi (silver-striped herring), buri Amberjack, kampachi yellowtail, "Black Label Products" such as kuro-ushi Wagyu beef, kuro-buta Berkshire pork dishes, and kuro-Satsuma jidori chicken (sometimes served as raw, chicken sashimi); smoked eel, keihan, and miki (fermented rice milk consumed among residents of the Amami Islands).

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