Covid-19 & Travel to Japan

What You Need to Know

Hurray, Australia! Travel will be gradually re-opening in November - but even though you're free to travel again, there’s still a risk you’ll experience travel disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

There will be new rules at the border. Flights to some destinations are still limited and may be expensive, and could even still be cancelled at short notice. Foreign governments may put movement restrictions in place that prevent you from leaving. If you test positive to COVID-19, you may be required to quarantine. Be prepared for the possibility you may be in your destination longer than planned.

It's your responsibility to learn about the destinations you're visiting, and plan for your safety. This includes entry requirements and understanding any risks. It's also your responsibility to stay informed, in case things change.

This page covers the information available, and frequently asked questions, in regard to Australian residents travelling to Japan from Australia. While we strive to post the most up to date and correct information, please understand that regulations may change frequently, due to the ever evolving nature and spread of Covid-19. All Covid-19 related information on this website is gathered from Australian and Japanese government authorities responsible for handling COVID-19 restrictions and measures. As  the worldwide Covid-19 situation is regularly changing, and travel allowances and restrictions are being regularly updated, please ensure that you keep up to date and follow the latest guidance from the relevant official bodies.

All information correct as at 01st November 2021.
Follow the links below for further additional information and travel updates;

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Covid-19 & The Border

Global COVID-19 Health Advisory

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Japan
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Embassy of Japan in Australia
COVID-19 Related Travel Information and Restrictions

Departing Australia

From 1 November 2021, different rules apply for vaccinated and unvaccinated Australians & Australian Residents wishing to depart the country. 

For current departure procedures based on your vacination status, please check the appropriate link below;

Travel Guidance for Vaccinated Australians & Permanent Residents
Travel Guidance for Non-Vaccinated Travellers


Source: Australian Government Department of Home Affairs: Preparing to leave Australia

Returning to Australia

There are no special restrictions when leaving Japan. However, it is a condition of departure that you meet the re-entry conditions of the country to which you are departing for.

Australia Re-Entry Restrictions

Australian nationals or permanent residents and their families are only allowed to enter the country if they have completed tGA-approved vaccinations.

Others can only enter Australia if they have obtained an application to leave Australia in advance, or have a visa to allow entry.

As a measure to prevent the spread of covid-19 by the Australian government, all travellers entering Australia must register for the Australia Travel Declaration at least 72 hours prior to entry and within 72 hours of departure

PCR inspection is mandatory. 
To find a Japanese medical institution that publishes negative certificates in English, please check hereTeCOT

In addition to the above, travellers arriving in QLD on international flights must register for The Queensland Internationals Arrival Registration at least 3 days prior to departure. Travelers arriving in WA on international flights must obtain theG2G Pass in addition to the above (this application takes 6 business days to process).

For further re-entry information based on your vacination status, please check the appropriate link below;

Re-Entry Guidance for Vaccinated Australians & Permanent Resident Travellers
Re-Entry Guidance for Non-Vaccinated Australians & Permanent Resident Travellers


Source: Australian Government Department of Home Affairs: Preparing to travel to Australia from overseas


Frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 and international travellers departing from and arriving to Australia.

Click on the Current Information links below for answers to commonly asked post-pandemic travel questions.

Leaving Australia

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Arriving in Australia

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Pre-Departure Testing

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What are the current quarantine arrangements? Current Information

Further information

If you have need further information, contact the Australian Government Department of Health at Please note that they may be experienceing a high volume of enquiries, so it may take up to 48 hours to respond.


Source: Australian Government Department of Health: Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs – international travellers