Japan was as amazing as I thought it would be!

Tue, 5 Apr 2016

Yukiko san!


I'm not sure if you will remember me, because it's been almost a year since I've travelled to Japan. I was reading the emails we exchanged for the organisation of my trip (I'm giving some travel tips to a friend from Brazil, that will be going to Japan soon!) and it reminded me how thoughtful you were! 

I'm sorry I didn't write a feedback when I came back from Japan, unfortunately right when my trip finished, my father past away, I had to rush back to my country and it slipped my mind... But Japan was as amazing as I thought it would be!!!!

I would like to thank you again for the care and kindness you took care of my little group (my boyfriend, his mom and I), you made our trip even more special! 


All the best!!! 

Best regards,


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