Ryokan Yoshinoya

Tue, 3 May 2016

Hello Tomomi


We are happily installed in the ryokan at Yoshinoya.  The rain has ceased and we rest now before dinner.  A beautiful area; we look forward to enjoying three days in a traditional Japanese hotel.  No problem about transport.  The hotel staff at Daiwa Roynet gave us good advice and it was easy catching the train to Tofuji and getting on the change train to Gion-Shijo. Have also been told there is a direct train from Kyoto Station to Hineno (for Kanku Joytel Hotel) on 20 April at 17:00.  Our heavy bags have already been forwarded to Hineno; we have been forwarding our large bags a day or more before each move (as advised by Shigaru San).  On the last leg of our journey to this hotel it was raining fairly heavily but staff in a shop in Gion-Shijo were very good and called a taxi for us.


Regards from John and Veronica

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