About Okhotsk Mombetsu

You will find breathtaking views of forests, flowers, cute seals and the sea that are changing with the seasons and time of day, and enjoy local delicacies from the rich farmland and bountiful sea. Especially fresh seafood like the snow & horsehair crabs and scallops are well known. Also milk from local dairy farms are used to produce fresh cheeses, ice cream and confectioneries.

Spring is well known for the pink moss flowers that cover an area of 100,000 square metres in Takinouse Park. In summer, a drive through the beautiful scenery dotted with grazing cows and huge grass rolls will invigorate you.

While winter the Okhotsk Sea freezes and the drift ice floes towards the shoreline, being geographically unique as the most southern point for drift ice in the northern hemisphere, Mombetsu is an important area to observe the global environment.   


Access from Tokyo:

[Air] 1 hour 50 minutes from Haneda to Okhotsk Mombetsu Airport by All Nippon Airways
[Bus] 25 minutes Okhotsk Mombetsu Airport to Mombetsu Bus Terminal by Hokumon Bus
Access from Sapporo:
[Rail] 4 hours to Engaru Station by JR Hokkaido
[Bus] 1 hour 25 minutes Engaru Station to Mombetsu Bus Terminal by JR Hokkaido Bus