50 mins by bus from JR Takayama Station

'Hirayu Onsen' is the oldest site in Okuhida Onsen village. According to local legend, Hirayu has its origins during Takeda Shingen’s invasion of Hida when General Yamagata Masakage discovered the hot spring and saw white monkeys healing their wounds in the spring waters. Hirayu Onsen is used by many people as a gateway to Kamikochi and Norikura.However please use our hotel as your sightseeing base not only for Okuhida but also for Kamikochi, Norikura and Hida Takayama.

* Above price is included Dinner and Breakfast

Facilities & Services
Internet connection : Wi-Fi at lobby
Entertainment facilities : Game corner,Go,Shogi (Japanese Chess),Mahjong

Average room size : 16.0 sqm

Hirayu, Okuhida Onsengo, Takayama, Gifu

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