Limousine Bus Pass

Departing Narita Airport
Arrival Duration (min*) Adult (12+) Child (6-11)
» Tokyo Station and Nihonbashi 75 - 125 mins AUD $49.00 AUD $24.00
» Shinjuku Area 85 - 145 mins AUD $49.00 AUD $24.00
» Ikebukuro Area 75 - 140 mins AUD $49.00 AUD $24.00
» Ginza and Shiodome Area 75 - 130 mins AUD $49.00 AUD $24.00
» Akasaka Area 80 - 145 mins AUD $49.00 AUD $24.00
» Shiba Area 90 - 145 mins AUD $49.00 AUD $24.00
» Shibuya Area 75 - 125 mins AUD $49.00 AUD $24.00
» Ebis and Shinagawa Area 60 - 155 mins AUD $49.00 AUD $24.00
» Tokyo Disney Resort and Shin-Urayasu Area 55 - 95 mins AUD $49.00 AUD $24.00
» Tokyo City Air Terminal (T-CAT) 60 - 90 mins AUD $49.00 AUD $24.00
» Tokyo International (Haneda) Airport 65 - 80 mins AUD $49.00 AUD $24.00

** Limousine Buses do not stop at every hotel. Please check the Route List below.

Airport Limousine Bus Prices

Prices are in Australian Dollars and are per person, one-way.
Before purchasing, please check the limousine bus schedule. We cannot accept a refund for any reason.

* These above tickets are not able to use Yokohama. 
** Remark : Please contact Auckland office for NZ$ rates.

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" THE BEST WAY TO GO. The most FRIENDLY and RELIABLE services."

Door to door servicing directly from just in front of the arrival lobby at Narita Airport all the way to the lobby of the major hotels in Tokyo, big baggage free of charge! You are provided with the smoothest access back and forth between Narita Airport and downtown Tokyo, located 60 kilometers away.
* We also available Haneda Airport Limousine Bus Coupons. Please contact our consultants.

Important Notice

  • Issuing the Limousine Bus Coupon exchange voucher takes at least 1 business day.
  • Limousine Buses do not stop at every hotel. Please check the Route List below.
  • The Bus Coupon must be exchanged for a Boarding Ticket before use at Narita Airport.
  • Limousine Bus Coupon costing fluctuates weekly (Wednesday). The above costing applies to payments received by Tuesday of each week. For more information please contact our Travel Japan consultants.


  • Narita Coupons (Between Narita Airport and Central Tokyo)
  • Haneda Coupons (Between Haneda Airport and Central Tokyo)
  • Coupons Route List as follows:

View Narita Route List

View Haneda Route List

How to use?

Exchange the coupon for the Boarding Ticket at the Limousine bus ticket counter and you could ride on the bus straight away without any additional cost.

Narita Arrival Passengers

Airport Limousine counters are located in the arrival lobbies (in front of the exit) of Terminal 1, 2 and 3. Buses from Narita Airport leave from the arrival lobby on the 1st floor. While on your return, please contact hotel reception a day prior for reservation and no ticket exchange is required when boarding from the hotel. One coupon for each journey and hence two coupons are required for round trip. Coupons must be validated by our agency at the time of purchase.
** Please contact our Travel Japan consultant if the bus has direct access to your hotel.

Why Limousine, not Train?

The prominent door-to-door services by Airport Limousine directly between the airport and most major hotels in Tokyo offer you the baggage free and easy ride operating on highway. Not a bit sweat of going up and down the stairs required on taking the trains, but just sit back and relax to fully enjoy the smoothest cruising with us. The Airport Limousine welcomes you from just outside the arrival lobby at the Airport directly to your desired destinations including the front lobby in the major hotels. You never miss the place and moreover, no extra walk or taxi to/from the train stations required at all.

Limousine Bus Route Map