A great bargain plan that includes One Way Tokyo-Osaka shinkansen tickets + "1 Day Pass" for Universal Studios Japan + accommodation in Osaka.

Enjoy a variety of exciting theme rides and shows inspired by world famous movies, animations and comic series spread out among nine distinctly designed areas offering unique experiences.
In addition to the main attractions there are numerous restaurants, shops and even street performances. A variety of street scenes and popular characters await you. For children and grownups alike, the entire parks is filled with wonder and allows you to experience the thrill and excitement of the fantastically imaginative worlds of famous blockbuster movies.

Departure Early Morning Departure:05 Jan - 28 Dec 2018
Late Morning Departure:14 Mar-25 Dec  2018
Meals Breakfast 0
Lunch 0
Dinner 0
Guide No guide or assistant service is included.
Code One Way :JG-HPT2JV08L1MNS
Round Trip : JG-HPT2JV07L1MNS
* Early morning departure ( 06:20 -07:20 a.m.) or
   Late morning departure ( 10:30 a.m. - 12:10 p.m.)
* Round Trip plan additional charge required. 
* Single supplement apply.
* Triple reduction available.

 1. Only the transportation and accommodations described in the itinerary are included. All other transportation or services must be arranged and paid for separately by the customer.
2. This is an exclusive package for foreign tourists and cannot be purchased by residents of Japan alone. However two residents per one non-resident may join. Residents of Japan wishing to purchase this package are asked to contact our reservation staff.
3. Requests for specific departure/arrival times or seating cannot be accepted. Tickets will be issued as stated in the itinerary.
4. Actual train number, departure time, and seat assignment will be provided by the day before departure. Tickets cannot be exchanged.
5. Please provide information about accommodations in Japan directly before this package. Tickets and final itinerary will be delivered to the address provided. As tickets are delivered before departure, it is usually not possible to use this package on the same day as arrival in Japan.
6. Tickets will not be reissued or refunded if lost after receipt. If lost, replacing tickets will be the responsibility of the customer.
7. Actual bullet train times may vary due to train schedule adjustments.
8. If mailing address changes after booking, please notify by 8 days before departure.
9. If cancelling after receiving tickets, the unused tickets must be returned to our customer centre.
10. Please note that tour will not be operated on hotel blackout dates.
11. Single supplement additional charge required.
12. Seasonal reduction for Jan Feb and Dec.

For tours departing from Tokyo.
15. Please indicate the preferred  boarding location ( Shin- Yokohama, Shinagawa or Tokyo) when making reservations.
16..Indicated bullet train duration times are when departing from Tokyo Station. ( From Tokyo to Shinagawa approx..8 min, From Tokyo to Shin-Yokohama approx.20 min)
17. Participants of the same group may be seated separately depending on the total number of participants.
18. No tour fee required for children ages 4-5, however, admission tickets must be purchased upon entrance ( JPY4,980 as of August 2015)
19. The information on Universal Studios Japan is as of Aug 2015.
20. Events, attractions, restaurant and shops may not be available depending on the season, hours (during the day) or weather.
Contents are subject to change without prior notice.
21. Some attractions have height and health requirements for safety. Please check the attraction requirement in advance.

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