Let's climb the World Heritage, Mt Fuji with an English guide!
This 2 Day tour includes rental hiking gear and a professional English guide that will help to keep you safe and lead you all the way to the summit.

Departure Dates

 31 Jul - 9 Sep 2019


 TAS - MF2


B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner
Tokyo - Mt. Fuji (D)

Day 1

Tokyo - Mt. Fuji (D)

07:30   Depart from Shinjuku
09:30   Arrive at Gear Rental Shop
11:00   Arrive at Yoshida 5th station and prepare for departure.
12:00   Start to climb 
            - Break at 7th station -
18:00   Arrive at mountain hut at 8th station and have dinner and rest.

Mt. Fuji - Tokyo (B)

Day 2

Mt. Fuji - Tokyo (B)

02:30   Depart from mountain hut to climb
04:00   Arrive at the top of Mt. Fuji.
06:00   Depart from the top
07:00   Arrive at mountain hut and have breakfast.
08:00   Depart from mountain hut to climb down.
11:00   Arrive at 5th station
12:00   Depart from 5th station
13:30   Arrive at Fuji-Q highland Park and take lunch or break at a facility nearby. Admission is free of charge. Fuji-Q has numerous "Guiness-level" roller coasters. Or if you like to relax, Fujiyama Onsen* is another option. (*Additional fee is required and tattoo are not allowed.)
15:00   Depart from Fuji-Q Highland
18:00   Arrive at Shinjuku

- Express bus for round trip
- 5 piece climbing gear rental
  (Rain gear, Climbing boots, Rucksacks, Stocks, Headlamps)
- English speaking tour conductor and mountain guide
- Fuji-Q Highland admission (Free)
- 1 Dinner & 1 Breakfast

A one-night rest stay at a mountain hut (8th station / 3,400m).
Sleeping areas are shared hut.
On weekends it is particularly crowded and the sleeping area may become narrow enough to hit the shoulder of the next person. If you want to stay for enough space, we recommend avoiding crowded weekends.

*Please kindly check your shoes size on URL below and let us know when you make booking.

*The vehicle may not be the same for both trips. Any luggage cannot be left inside the bus.
*Toilets at Mt. Fuji requires money payment. Since you need a 100 yen coin to use one, plenty of these coins should be brought. In addition, Food and drink at the stations are rather expensive due to shipping charges. Extra cash should be prepared.
(Sample expenses)
Pay toilets: 1,200-1,500 yen(200-300 yen/1 time)
Bottled water: 500-1,000 yen(400-500 yen/1 bottle)
*other expenses such as souvenirs, offerings and brands for walking sticks are not included.

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