Indoor Japanese cultural activities in Kyoto, which are suitable for all ages, perfect for families. Enjoy cultural games and crafts that are educational: Origami (Art of folding paper to create shapes like animals, hats and so on), Calligraphy (Shodo expert will teach you how to use the brush to creat strokes like the Japanese) and Ken-dama (Cultural popular Japanese toy).

B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner

Day 1 Indoor Japanese Culture Experience for Family in Kyoto

Meeting Point: Make your way to the venue. (Please select the start time upon booking: 11:30/13:30/14:30. 

With your family, enjoy cultural crafts and cultural games of Origami, Calligraphy and Ken-dama. All educational and fun activities perfect for all ages. 

Tour End: Tour will finish after the 60 minutes class. Please make your own way to your next destination.  

  • Learning how to make paper cranes and competing as a family
  • Learning how to use Japanese charcoal ink brush and writing your name in Japanese (You will take it home as a souvenir)
  • Learning how to use Japanese toy kendama 

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