Take a trip from Nagoya to Ise Jingu Shrine, the most sacred shine of the Shinto religion. Also enjoy the rare opportunity of meeting and interacting with women divers.


08:20 - 20:20


 07 Jan - 25 Feb, 2 - 16 Dec 2015: Wed
4 Mar - 27 Nov 2014: Wed, Fri
(except 11 Feb, 29 Apr, 06 May, 12, 14 Aug, 23 Sep, 09 Dec 2015)
Meals Breakfast 0
Lunch 1
Dinner 0
Guide English-speaking guide or assistant  service is provided from Nagoya Marriott Associa hotel till arrival at Toba Station) There will be no guide accompainment from Toba Station to Nagoya Station Customers will need to transfer to these location on their own.
Code JG-NG451 (Ends in Osaka)
JG-NG401 (Ends in Nagoya)


1..Shellfish, squids and prawns are includes in lunch. If you have seafood allergy. please request vegetarian meal upon reservation. The   request on the tourdate cannot be accepted.
2. If the woman drivers huts or MIkimoto Perl Island is  closed due to weather, inspections or other reasons, the tour will visit the Meotoiwa  ( Wedded Rocks).
    Toba Aquarium or Futami Sea Paradise.
3. Please wear shoes and clothing comfortable for walking.
4. Seating may not be available when using public transportation.
5.Toba ichibangai may be used due to train schedule adjustments.
6. The express train may be used due to train schedule adjustments.
7.If the Femaile Divers Huts is closed due to inclement weather, inspections or other reasons, lunch will be held at either a Western or Japanese- Style restaurant in the Ise, ot Toba area.
8. In cases if timetsble changesm or traffic songestionm an express train may be used to travel from Toba  Station to Nagoya Station.
9. In cases of delay due to timetable changes , or traffic congestion, participants may be requred to transfer from the rapid express train bound for Namba, which departs from Toba Station, at Uehommachi Station and take the local train.

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