Explore the World's famous Nishiki Market - the kitchen of Kyoto. Visit family-owned stalls to enjoy sample local and seasonal food during the tour including fresh seafood, local snacks, preserved food and other specialty items with a friendly local guide. Your experience will do more than just give you a chance to taste Kyoto’s delicious food but will also give you a sense the history and atmosphere of the Nishiki Market experienced by the Japanese for generations.

B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner

Day 1 Kyoto Market with 7 Course Lunch

Meeting Time 9:45 a.m: Meet your guide and fellow tour participants at the front of Lacoste, Kawaramachi.

Explore the Nishiki Food Market, known as the kitchen of Kyoto! The business in Nishiki Market has been conducted for the past 400 years, one of the richest culinary environment in the world you will be able to enjoy some of the freshest food. You will experience eating specialty food such as tsukemono (Vegetable from nearby mountains preserved in vinegar). Yuuba (World smoothest sashimi tofu), Kamaboko (Preserved seafood), Tako (octopus), Warabi mochi and more. During the tour, you will learn detailed information about the ingredients of different Japanese dishes, how their food is prepared, and what is used to eat it.

Tour ends: Tour dispands at 1:00 p.m, make your way to the next destination on your own. 

  • 7 course lunch included 
  • Japanese Tea include 
  • Tour guide 

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