Kyoto Samurai Experience & Dinner at Izakaya Restaurant

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Enjoy a watch a "Kembu" (Sword Dancing) show, which is a form of traditional Japanese entertainment, and have a real samurai experience. Learn how to handle a Japanese sword and the samurai etiquette, you can then dress up in a samurai outfit. Enjoy dinner including two hours of all-you-can-drink at a Japanese izakaya restaurant.


Departure 11 May 2016 -  31 Mar 2017 : Mon, Wed, Fri (except 30 Dec 2016)
Meals Breakfast 0
Lunch 0
Dinner 1
Guide English-speaking guide service is included.
Code JG-GDT1N58301NNB


1. Guidance during the samurai experience and the show is all in English.
2. Please wear clothes which are comfortable to move around in. As part of the samurai experience, participants will get to wear traditional footwear.
3.The samurai experience uses practice swords, but please follow the instructions of the local staff at all costs, in order to guarantee a safe experience. Children younger than 5 years old are not permitted to participate.
4. It is not possible to request vegetarian food options.
5. Dinner menu: Salad, minced chicken, broiled fish, cold dish, 2 deep fried dishes, rice dish.
6. According to Japanese law, the consumption of alcohol is prohibited for persons under 20 years old, so people under this age cannot drink alcohol. Participants under 20 years old will have an all-you-can-drink menu of non-alcoholic drinks.
7. The English-speaking assistant will part ways with the group after guiding you to the izakaya, so you are free to move on as you wish after the meal.

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