Logging in the mountains of the Kii peninsula has been a major industry for centuries as rafts. The skills and techniques of these "logging river runners" has been preserved in the Kitayama village for over 600 years. Now log rafts are used to transport thrill-seekers through the scenic Dorokyo Gorge, part of the Yoshino-Kumano National Park.  Log rafts are strictly checked for safety standards, while guests are required to wear life jackets at all times.

B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner

Day 1 Log Rafting in Kii Peninsula

Meeting Point: Make your own way to the log rafting check-in reception (Michi-no-Eki Okutoro Tourist Center, in Kitayama Village).

A choice between Morning or Afternoon Journey:

Morning: 10:40 ~12:50 OR Afternoon: 13:00 ~ 15:00

Enjoy the excitement and thrill of nature while exploring the traditional technique of moving the log raft.

Tour End: Make your own way to your next destination to continue enjoying the day. 

  • Language - Japanese (If English Tour Guide required, please contact our consultant upon booking, additional fee may be charged)
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