Our most popular day tour, this guided one-day tour takes you to majestic Mt. Fuji and Hakone. It includes a trip up to Mt. Fuji's 5th station at an elevation of 2,300 meters, and a World heritage Cycling Tour around Lake Kawaguchi. This tour includes transportation to Mt. Fuji and Hakone by chartered bus.


Departure 01 Apr - 30 Nov :Daily
(Except 29,30 Apr, 1-7 May, 16-18,23,24,30,31 Jul, 6,7,10-14,20,21,27,28 Aug, 3,10,17-19,24 Sep, 1,8-10,15,22,29 Oct, 5,12,27 Nov 2016)
Meals Breakfast 0
Lunch 0
Dinner 0
Guide English-speaking guide service is included.
Code JG-F852

April Departure seasonal surcharge apply

1. If Fuji Visitor Centre is closed or the tour is behind schedule due to traffic the visit to Fuji Visitor Centre may be skipped.
2. If the roadway to Mt Fuji 5th station should be blocked due to road surface freezing, an accident, weather, or other reason, the tour would be taken to the highest elevation point possible. If the tour reaches at least the 1st Station, there will be no alternate activity. If the tour is unable to go to the 1st Station or pass the Subaru Line entrance, the tour will visit Lake Kawaguchi instead. This activity may be omitted depending on road conditions.
3. As temperatures drop significantly on Mt. Fuji, it is highly recommended to bring an overcoat or other warm clothing from autumn to spring. Please wear clothing and footwear appropriate for this activity. Long sleeve and pants are recommended to protect from vegetation and insects.
4. The tour will not be cancelled or refunded even if the full view if Mt. Fuji is not visible due to weather conditions.
5. Those who have physical conditions that affect their day-to-day activities are not eligible to participate. Those who wish to participate and have any physical disabilities or chronic illnesses should contact operator ahead of time.
6. The outdoor acitivities will be visited even in the case that it is raining. Raincoats are available for purchase on site (Price JPY300 adult size S,M and L only). The participants will be switched over to the Mt Fuji- Hakone 1 -Day tour Return Shinkansen and any differences in tour fees will be refunded.
7. Children under the age of 12 are not eligible to participate.
8. Eco Vision Brains Co. will pe provide cars for transportation between Fuji-Q Highland and each activity location.
9. Rental Fees for overall, helmets, headlamps anf gloves are included in tour fees.
10. This tour does not include lunch. Participants will enjoy lunch on their own at Highland Resort Hotel & Spa. There may not be enough time for lunch depending on traffic conditions.


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