Explore popular spots in Nagoya all in one day, including Nagoya Castle, Sakae (Nagoya's entertainment district), Osu Shopping District, Osu Kannon Temple and Kasuga Shrine. 1 Day subway pass is included in this tour. 

B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner

Day 1 Nagoya

8:50 a.m: Depart at Nagoya Station Tourist Information Centre then take a local train to Shiyakusho Station.

Nagoya Castle (120 min): Built at the beginning of Edo era on the orders of Tokugawa Ieyasu. Castle was built on a large scale to emphasize the power of Ieyasu at he's victory at the battle of Sekigahara. 

Sakae (90 min): Nagoya's major downtown district located 2 km east of Nagoya Station. Offers many stores and malls catering all shoppers. 

Osu Shopping DistrictOsu Kannon Temple & Kasuga Shrine (90 min):  Explore Osu shopping district which has been operating for 400 years as local commercial streets, stroll around Osu Kannon Temple and lastly visit the beautiful Kasuga Shrine.

4:00 p.m: Tour will finish at Nagoya-Osu. Make your way to the next destination on your own. 

  • English speaking guide
  • 1 Day Subway pass *pelase see remarks

  1. If the minimum number of participants (2) is not met by 7 days before the scheduled date, the tour on that date may be canceled. Bookings for groups comprised only of 2 child customers are not allowed. This tour may be shared with other participants (up to 10 people). 
  2. Participants using wheelchairs and those who have trouble walking must participate with a companion. There are many places in which handicap access is not sufficient, such as subway stations.
  3. There may be locations where a longer route must be taken by such participants, and some spots may not be visitable.
  4. Refunds will not be provided even if restrictions on entry are placed by the facility on the day without notice, if a customer does not enter a facility for their own reason, if boarding tickets are not used, etc. 
  5. A city bus or other vehicle may be used for alternate transportation if subway service has been suspended. Refunds will not be issued, and additional payment will not be required in such cases. 
  6. The tour will take participants around Nagoya Castle (entry), Sakae area including Oasis 21 and the surrounding vicinity (Spaceship-Aqua, Ghibli/Jump shops, etc.), Osu shopping district and surrounding vicinity (Kasuga Shrine, Osu Kannon Temple, etc.), and ends at Osu shopping district. 
  7. Times listed on the itinerary are estimates only. The order of the itinerary and arrival times may differ depending on public transportation, road conditions and congestion at destinations. 
  8. If making plans for before or after the tour, please leave enough time in your schedule. Even if you miss a Shinkansen, flight, etc. due to a transportation delay, no refunds will be given, and no compensation will be given for accommodation costs, transportation costs, or telecommunications costs arising from missed transportation.
  9. Customers on this plan must meet at the meeting location on their own. The meeting location is the Nagoya Station Tourist Information Center. Please be careful; it is not the JR Information desk.
  10. A National Government Licensed English Guide Interpreter accompanies this tour.
  11. Children 0 to 5 years of age may not join this tour. The tour booking charge is different for adult and child customers. Ages are determined based on how old the participant will be on the day of the tour.
  12. Meals not included. Participants will purchase their own lunches in Sakae's Oasis 21 area. Please ask the guide if you have any questions. However, the guide cannot give restaurant recommendations to those with dietary restrictions, allergies, etc. Please choose what to eat at your own discretion.
  13. This tour is conducted on foot. Please participate in shoes and clothes which are easy to walk in. The tour will move as a group, and depending on customers' walking speeds, sightseeing may take more time than planned. Also, public transportation (subway) will be used for part of this tour. Please note that seating is not guaranteed.

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