Wed, 25 May 2011
Hokkaido - Hakodate Stay -
I went to Hakodate in Hokkaido in May.
Before going, I was worried about the Tsunami's influence, but actually when I went there the influence had not been seen at all in this area.

The below picture is of a deluxe twin room.

I could see Mt.Hakodate from the window.  However the weather was cloudy this day.
If it is fine, the night view from Mt. Hakodate is said to be one of the world's three major night views. (Naples, Hong Kong and Hakodate)
Nearby, the Kanamori brick warehouse had a lot of shops, I was able to enjoy shopping,
and the night view here was beautiful.
The breakfast on the second day was a bowl of rice topped with specially made (for me) sashimi.
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