Water from the renowned Tamatsukuri Onsen Hot Springs fills the baths at KAI Izumo. When you stay with us, be sure to visit two popular destinations, rich with cultural and historical wonders: Izumo Taisha, the shrine of the Gods, and Matsue Castle, known as the home of a famous tea master.

Room type Number of pax
2 3 4
1st floor "Cypress" $853* $1,191* $1,529*
1st floor "Shigaraki" $794* $1,125* $1,441*
2nd floor $735* $1,037* $1,353*

* Above price is per room per night / included Dinner and Breakfast.

Facilities & Services
Internet connection : Free Wifi if you stay at Main building
Entertainment facilities : Tea Room(A traditional Japanese tea ceremony given by a tea master is quite a treat)
                                       Library Lounge, Shop

Average room size : 52m2

Tamatsuki 1237, Tamayu town, Matsue City, Shimane pre. Postal code 699-0201

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