KAI Matsumoto is surrounded by the breathtaking Japanese Alps in Nagano prefecture. Marvel at the graceful blend of traditional Japanese craftsmanship and modern design. After soaking in eight baths of hot spring water drawn from Asama Onsen Hot Springs, go on a walking tour to nearby Matsumoto Castle, the National Treasure of Japan.

Room type Number of pax
2 3 4
Standard Tatami Room $794* $1,125* $1,441*
2 Bed Tatami suite $794* $1,125* $1,441*
Tatami Suite with Outdoor Bath $882* $1,235* $*1,588
Premium Suite Garden Terrace $971* $1,368* $1,765*
VIP Suite $1,132* $1,566* $2,000*

* Above price is per room per night / included Dinner and Breakfast.

Facilities & Services
Internet connection : Wireless service is available in the lobby space. Internet access is not available in the guestrooms.
Entertainment facilities : Live Music & Library at Lobby area

Average room size : 52m2

Asama Onsen 1-31-1, Matsumoto City, Nagano Pre.Japan

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