Mt. Koya, or Koyasan, is the home a sect of Japanese Buddhism called Shingon. The area was first settled in 819 by the monk Kukai and his followers when he established the first temple there. Besides learning about the historical and religious significance of spots around Mt. Koya like Okunoin, a vast, atmospheric Buddhist graveyard which leads to the sacred mausoleum of Kukai (renamed Kobo Daishi in death), visitors to Mt. Koya can also enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings and fresh mountain air. This overnight tour package includes accommodations at Fukuchi-in, a shukubo (temple lodging), where guests can try an authentic meal of Buddhist vegetarian cuisine (shojin ryori).

Departure 5 Mar - 29 Nov 2018: Mon, Thu
(except 30 Apr, 3 May, 13 Aug, 17, 24 Sep, 8 Oct 2018)
Meals Breakfast 0
Lunch 1
Dinner 0
Guide English-speaking guide service is included.


1. This tour will be accompanied by a certified English-speaking guide.
2. Minimum participants required: 2
3.Please wear confortable clothing as temperatures drop significantly in Koyasan.
4.The order of the itinerary and lunch location are subject to change.
5.It is recommended to bring warm clothing as temperatures drop significantly in Koyasan. 
6.A guide will accompany the tour until arriving at Koyasan Shukubo Fukichi - in on day-1 on the tour. No guide will be present on the Day2.

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