Work up a sweat in a vibrant neighborhood dojo with New Zealand's former national judo coach. Ju (柔)translates to ‘gentle’ and do (道)means ‘the way’. While it may be hard to imagine why Judo, a martial art would be described as gentle, the key to understanding this is in how Judo focuses on one’s ability (“gentleness/flexibility”) to adapt to different situations and opportunities throughout combat. Get up close and personal with ‘the gentle way’ at a traditional dojo in Osaka.

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Day 1 Judo Class

Meeting 20:00 p.m: Please make your own way to the venue Tennouji, Osaka. 

After changing into a judo uniform, you’ll jump right in with the group with some stretching, and then learning falling, standing and floor techniques. Practice with local students who will demonstrate their best moves. You’re in for a fun workout! 

Tour Ends 21:30 p.m: Tour will end in approximately 1.5 hours. Make your own way to your next destination on your own. 

  • Group experience (with local Japanese students)
  • Offered in Japanese with English
  • You must be comfortable with a rigorous level of physical activity.
  • We cannot be held responsible for any injuries that may occur during this judo experience
  • Please bring along Handtowel to wipe the sweat, and a water bottle--you’ll want to stay hydrated!
  • Pictures shown are for display purpose only
*Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

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