Sumo is a contact sport. Sumo wrestlers weighing over 100kg (220 lb) practice with all their strength. You can watch their practice ring side, where the sumo wrestlers wear nothing but a loincloth around the ring. Practice starts from the lower ranked sumo wrestlers. All other wrestlers except the competing two, perform stretching exercises, basic sumo exercises - to strengthen: legs, hips, upper body - and muscle building exercise. A practice match is a serious bout between two sumo wrestlers. As if competing in a real tournament, wrestlers hit head to head, push each other, or throw the opponent out of the ring. The winner is qualified to stay in the ring and competes with a new opponent. Some wrestlers stay in the ring for a long time by beating many opponents. As the practice progresses a higher ranked wrestler comes into the ring and easily defeats the lower ranked winner. Thus showing that the sport of sumo is a world of true ability. 

Consequently, a sumo practice watching tour is permitted only to those who realize and follow the sumo tradition and manners. Our guide will ask you to follow certain rules in watching the practice. We may sometimes have to ask certain people who don’t follow the rules to leave the tour.

Our officially certified guide will come to meet you at your hotel and give you basic guidance on how to properly watch sumo practice at a sumo stable. Many sumo stables are not taking foreign visitors now, but we will do our utmost effort to find such stables that permit watching a sumo practice.

Time 7:45 - 10:45
Departure 06 - 27 Jan, 8 - 16 Feb, 5 - 27 Apr, 1 - 26 May, 7 - 15 Jun, 2 - 5, 19 - 24, 28 - 31 Aug, 1 - 22 Sep, 4 - 19 Oct, 6 - 21 Dec 2018
(except During Tournament & Special Training period)
Number of Person
2 - 15 person


B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner

Day 1 Tokyo

7:45am Assemble at West Exit of Ryogoku Station. Pick-up service available from central Tokyo hotels. Continue to the following by public transportation.
Sumo Stable - The place where sumo wrestlers live and train. Learn how to properly watch a sumo practice at a sumo stable from your guide and enjoy seeing sumo wrestlers training for their matches. 
10:45am Tour concludes upon arrival at nearby station. Please make your own way back to your hotel or other location.

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