A new place to visit opened in Nagoya!

Sat, 25 Jun 2011

A new place to visit opened in Nagoya on March 14th, 2011.
It is "SCMAGLEV and Railway Park" owned by JR Tokai.

The star item is "Shinkansen Train Driving Simulator".

You can only personally experience the simulator if you are lucky enough to
win a special lottery,  but if you are successful, it will be a wonderful experience.

Even if you cannot participate in the simulator, you can still watch other people and
experience the smooth CGI graphics of the high tech simulation.  Watch the countryside
pass by while zooming along at 300kph+.
Most people crazy for trains love visiting the large hall housing the various trains from
history and now.  You can even enter some of the trains!

The Linear train achieved an amazing speed of 581kph, becoming the world's fastest train!


Now you have a great reason to visit Nagoya!
While there, why not visit the biggest planetarium in the world.
It could become a new Inbound route suitable

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