Mon, 20 Apr 2015

  Just to let you know we had a very enjoyable holiday in Japan, thanks to your very knowledgeable advice and also the efficiency of the H.I.S organisation. We were unlucky in having to spend half the week in light rain and we also struck snow and 0 degrees temperature during our drive to the Mt Fuji/Hakone areas, which forced a couple of the  excursions  to be cancelled, but this did not spoil the tour in any way.

  We were most impressed with the punctuality, efficiency,  and friendliness of the ‘assistants’ who helped our transfers, in particular Fumiko Ogawa who not only delivered us to Hakone station and accompanied us on the train from Hakone to Odawara but also waited with us until the Shinkansen arrived and even followed us onto the train to ask fellow passengers to assist us if we needed help. 
   I will certainly recommend H.I.S. to my friends. 
  Thanks again for your patience and helpful advice.

Kind regards,
Vic Jackson.