Japan for first time over the Christmas and New Year season

Mon, 2 Feb 2015

Our family travelled to Japan for the first time over the Christmas and New Year season. Thanks to the tireless help of Yukiko in the Travel Japan team, we had a fantastic time! From the fairy-tale snowy highlands at Nikko to the traditional atmosphere of Hakone and Mt Fuji, and the hustle-bustle of the great cities of Kyoto and Tokyo… we have many fond memories of these eastern isles.

In particular we would recommend getting the JR pass for the duration of the trip, especially for those days when you’re on your own. It made life so much easier to be able to slot into the Tokyo transport system using the pass, and even allowed us to hop on/off the shinkansen (bullet trains). You’ll get some raised eyebrows with the latter, but hey, why not?!

We’ll certainly be booking through Travel Japan again for our next adventure to this wonderful country.