Mon, 7 Apr 2014

Hi Bianca,

I hope you’re well. 

Our trip to Japan was awesome!  Hakuba was amazing! The snow was epic.  I preferred the Hotel Century over Hotel Gondola (Hotel Gondola had very very small rooms).  The Hotel Century had much more room and the service was perfect!  Hotel Century - very friendly and helpful, clean and easy to access. Close to everything in town. (except for the 7Eleven that we could not find.) It was a lovely village to stay at.

The Best Western in Tokyo was small but it was fine for the length of stay we had.  Best Western very helpful and friendly, assisted us with over and above requests, very appreciative of assistance. Close to public transport and main shopping areas.  We were very grateful for their help with our snowboards as they stored them until they were picked up (we had them sent back to Australia separately). 

There was an initial issue with a smoking room that was booked - that was a bit difficult.  They didn’t want to change us to a non-smoking room however after telling them I never booked a smoking room they ended up changing it.  You might want to check this as they might be booking smoking rooms your clients which have not requested it.

Also with the JR rail pass – it’s a great idea however you can’t really use it around Tokyo metro system. 

Tokyo Disneyland was amazing although next time we will buy pre-paid tickets as the line-up was massive even on a quiet day!

Overall, it was a great trip and we will be definitely be going back!