Wed, 18 May 2011
Koyasan Shukubo Experience 

I went to Shukubo "Rengejoin" on the first of May.

I took the Nankai Railway from Namba sta. to Gokurakubashi sta.(1h30) then the Cable car to Koyasan sta. (5 min.)

 After a 15min. bus ride, I finally got to Rengejoin. A very old, traditional temple.bus

I Checked in and then entered the room. There was a Kotatsu and a TV.  A tiger welcomed me!?


 After a short rest, There was a meditation session in the main building. 

When the meditation ended, the priest gave us the "minister's" message in both Japanese and English.

 Dinner time.  'Shojin Ryori,'  Zen Vegetarian Cuisine. Even though the cuisine did not contain any meat or fish, I felt full and very satisfied.


 After dinner, I took a bath and went to bed around 21:30.

It was very cold during the night so I followed advice to put my legs in the Kotatsu while I was sleeping.
Special blanket with buddhist sutra!   
From 06:00, morning meditation started. I had breakfast and checked out at 9:00.
Rengejoin is very recommendable for everyone as it was very clean, had a great atmosphere and English is spoken.
A Tea cup with family emblem of Samurai "Sanada Yukimura". He lived in this temple 400 years ago.

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