Wed, 28 Dec 2011

Noreen –  We had a great time in Japan,  the JR tickets/hotels/rental car/fish market & sushi tour all worked as planned and made our short holiday very easy and most enjoyable.

The highlights for us were riding the Shinkansen, exploring Kyushu waterways & mountains, experiencing a traditional Japanese bath (well I did even if Priscilla did not), and the fish market/sushi tour.

The people who operated the tour were very nice and their English good so we were able to have a quality time (and great sushi) with much conversation about life in Japan & Australia and some of the experiences of their families in the time of WWII. We have exchanged emails with them since our return.

And the rental car arrangements worked out very well, a GPS with English as an option was installed as part of the car’s standard equipment and was a very handy aid to driving.

So thank you very much for your work in helping us to have such a successful holiday!

 Best regards –