I've been dreaming about going to Japan since I was 12.

Tue, 7 Apr 2015

"I've been dreaming about going to Japan since I was 12. That being said, once it was time to put an itinerary together (for myself, my boyfriend and mother in law who decided to join in on my dream), I did my best to put there all the place I might want to see (in a not so long space of time...). Well, that was easy for me, but when it was time to go to an agency and make it happen, it seemed like it maybe wouldn't happen.... All the agencies I've contacted, told either it couldn't be done or it was too much work (so they wouldn't do it..). That didn't discourage me tho and by luck and determination I found Miss Ozawa (and HIS).

The best way to describe my experience is: "I couldn't be happier!!!!!"

Yuki (which is how she asked me to call her) was great from the get go and instead of telling how difficult or not doable my itinerary was, actually congratulated me for putting it together! 

She was utterly helpful and (just to seal the deal) really organised!!!!!

I'm at the airport right now, but I still felt like writing a feedback..!!!!! My trip is planed to perfection and with all of Yukis' tips and advice I'm sure that it will run smoothly and it'll be loads of fun! 

Thank you so much for all your help Yuki and for the good services of HIS!"


Thank you and I'll send another one when I'm back 😁✌️!

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