We enjoyed the food very much!

Sat, 31 Jan 2015

Hi Fumiko,

We had a great time. Weather was very good, except for Kyoto when it rained a lot, but the rest was sunny.My wife was very cold, but I liked it.

We enjoyed the food very much, and have decided that Australian food is too much, and very unhealthy.

We both really liked Tokyo and Hiroshima. I personally loved Tokyo, because of it's order and punctuality. Although all Japan was very ordered and punctual compared to Australia. Also very clean which was amazing.

In the 10 years I have been in North Queensland I think this is the hottest, Japan was much nicer!

We will definitely go again some time. I think we could go and see more rural Japan next time, to get a different perspective.
Thanks very much for your help, everything went very well.


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