We had a fantastic time

Mon, 10 Mar 2014

We had a fantastic time, it all went very well. There was plenty of snow around, the boys and I had a great time snowboarding – we got the hang of it quite quickly our instructor was very good, Jake proved to be quite good for a first timer.
Our accommodation in Hakuba and Tokyo was great, they looked after us very well. We got the hang of the train system ok and used it regularly.
Sometimes it was quite a challenge at restaurants as many did not have English menus (and some didn’t have photos on their menus either which made it interesting ordering).

Disneyland and Disneysea were quite good although it could take up to 80 minutes to get on a ride and we went during the week and was told it wasn’t very crowded when we went.
We went to a theme park which adjoins the Dome stadium in Tokyo and virtually had the place to ourselves, the rides were far more thrilling and there was no wait at all to get on, I would recommend it to anyone thinking of going to Disneyland but can’t handle the crowds.

All your bookings went without a hitch and your advice with our train travel was most helpful. Thanks for all your help and I will certainly recommend you to anyone I hear is travelling to Japan.

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