Wonderful Cherry Blossom Tour

Tue, 19 Apr 2016

Hello Fumiko,


Just thought I would let you know how wonderful our Cherry Blossom tour was.  Everything went perfectly.

There were 24 people on the tour – 6 Americans and the rest Australian.  It was a really good group of people.  Everyone got on like old friends.

Our 2 tour guides – Yukiko and Ritz did an amazing job looking after all of us.  They were very informative and always helpful if we needed to know anything.

We all had the most fantastic time.  Japan is such a beautiful country and so are your people.  It’s made me want to go back and see more of your country.

Hopefully we can go back to Japan for another holiday next year in the summer.


Thankyou Fumiko, for organising such a wonderful holiday for us.

Hope to see you again next year.   Smile


Judy and Kerryn.

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