Submerse yourself into the Japanese culture with the Namahage Dinner Plan. "Namahage" are demon-like beings portrayed by men who wear a mask and straw garments for the annual festival held in the Oga Peninsula in Akita Prefecture. The namahage visit each house, cleansing the household of evil and admonishing lazy or naughty kids.
Enjoy dining in a restaurant that replicates an old folk house, with local sake and seasonal flabours of food. 

Dinner Starts at 18:30 -20:30

Departure Dinner at Akita Dining Namahage - Sendai Branch
11 Mar - 28 Dec 2019: Week days
(except: 21,22 Mar.  29,30 Apr. 1 - 6 May. 20,21 Jun. 15,16 Jul. 10 - 18 Aug. 16,17,23,24 Sep. 14,15 Oct.4,5,11,12 Nov. 16,17,23,24 Dec 2019
  • Meal Charges (8 meals, 120 mins)
  • All you can drink

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