Explore Japanese culture with the Namahage Dinner Plan. "Namahage" are demon-like beings portrayed by men who wear a mask and straw garments for the annual festival held in the Oga Peninsula in Akita Prefecture. The Namahage visit each house, cleansing the household of evil and admonishing lazy or naughty kids. Enjoy dining in a restaurant that replicates an old folk house, with local sake and seasonal flavors of food.


B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner

Day 1 Sendai Namahage Restaurant Dinner Plan

18:30 p.m - 20:30 p.m: Dinner at Akita Dining Namahage Restaurant

  • Meal Charges (8 meals, 120 mins)
  • All you can drink
  • **If you order other items or services not included in this plan, any additional menu charges and consumption taxes must be paid for at the restaurant.**
  1. Depending on operational circumstances, certain tour dates may be cancelled, or tour operation may cease entirely.
  2. This is an unguided plan, so please go to the meeting location on your own. At reception, please show a printed copy of the reservation confirmation sheet or a printout of the reservation confirmation e-mail. Simply showing the confirmation on a mobile device screen will not be accepted.
  3. As this is an all-you-can-drink plan, please note that bookings for those under 20 years of age are not accepted.
  4. Meal charges (8 dishes, 120 minutes) and all-you-can-drink are included in the tour booking charge. *If the customer orders other items or services not included in this plan, any additional menu charges and consumption taxes must be paid for at the restaurant.
  5. Please understand that there are no vegetarian or halal options available.
  6. Starter: Seasonal dish. Appetizer: Colorful Assortment Platter. Sashimi: Chef's specially selected in-season fish. Hot Pot: Kiritanpo hot pot made with Akitakomachi rice. Grilled Dish: Grilled fish. Side Dish: Chicken, pork, or beef dish (not selectable). Deep-fried Dish: Deep-fried food or a seasonal dish such as a salad, Closing Dish: Noodles *As ingredients are naturally obtained, the menu may vary considerably depending on fishing conditions and stock availability. The menu may also change depending on the season. All-you-can-drink Menu: Beer, shochu, plum liquor, Japanese sake (about 30 kinds), sours, cocktails (gin tonic, Moscow mule, cassis, peach, Campari), Whisky, wine (red, white), non-alcoholic drinks (oolong tea, cola, orange, grapefruit, green tea, ginger ale, calpis)
  7. Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only 

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