Appi Resort is one of Japans largest single ski resorts with 282 hectares of terrain and over 45kms of marked trails.

The Appi Ski Resort is based on long distance runs, something very rare in Japan. The longest run is over 5 kms!! One of the best snowparks in Japan "Salomon snowpark" and an awesome kid's area "Appi Family Park".
Located in the Appi Highlands in Iwate Prefecture, 50 km of Morioka, Appi Kogen is a large resort with 16 chair lifts that offers skiers an impressive 805 metres (2,641 ft) of vertical descent. Appi Kogen is best suited for intermediate skiers and snowboarders but there is also a terrain for beginners and experts too. Appi's snow is light & fluffy and is well known as "Aspirin Snow" plus, most of the slopes at Appi are North facing providing optimum snow conditions.

How to get there
From Tokyo Narita Airport: 4.5 hours by train & bus
From Tokyo City: 3.5 hours by train & bus
From Osaka Itami Airport: 4 hours flight & bus
From the closest airport (Hanamaki Airport): 1 hour & 15 minutes by bus

From Narita Airport, you will take the Narita Express train to Tokyo Station and change to a bullet train for Morioka. Commonly and most reasonable way is to use a JR East Pass. From Morioka, you will take either a bus that will take you directly to Appi, or a train to Appi Kogen Station and a free bus to the resort.

Mountain Statistics 
Ski Season: December to May
Summit Elevation: 1328 meters
Snowfall Average: 8 meters
Longest Run: 5.1 km
Vertical Rise: 828 meters
Numbers of Courses: 21
Number of Lifts: 18 chair lifts

Beginner: 30%, Intermediate: 40%, Advanced: 30%


Appi Trail Map   Click link to PDF file Appi Weather  Click link to Snow

Shuttle buses
Buses connect Morioka Station with the Appi Kogen Ski Resort every 1-2 hours. The one way trip takes about 50 minutes and costs 1100 yen. The fare is not covered by the Japan Rail Pass and the JR East Pass. Free shuttle buses are available from Appi Kogen Station to take you to the resort.

Restaurants & Nightlife
The nightlife is fairly sedate in Appi Kogen. The Appi Grand Hotel which is the major feature of the landscape have a couple of bars open from 6 until midnight. But there is a possibility that the bar will be deserted if you don't bring your own crew. There is charming cocktail-style lounge and a casual Pool Bar in the area as well. Restaurants in Appi Kogen average cost between ¥1000 to ¥3500 per meal and from ¥640 per drink.

Appi is a resort that does not have a village or town per se and it might be somewhat lacking in ability to provide a traditional Japanese Cultural Experience, considering that there are very few international tourists at Appi, you’ll certainly be immersed in new age Japanese culture and the local customs. Don’t worry if you don’t speak fluent Japanese. Appi caters really well for English speaking visitors with lots of English signage and English menus in the restaurants. Another advise is to add to your nightly rituals is soaking in an Onsen (hotsprings). It is a ritual that goes far beyond cleaning and relaxation.