Frequently asked questions regarding COVID-19 pre-departure testing for travellers departing / arriving to Australia.

Pre-Departure Testing

What type of pre-departure test do I need to have before boarding my flight?
At check-in, you must provide proof of an accepted negative supervised laboratory COVID-19 test using a respiratory sample or saliva. Accepted tests include Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), which may also be reported as RT-PCR or PCR.

Are Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) accepted?
No. These are not accepted.

Are serology tests accepted?
No. These are not accepted.

Is the negative COVID-19 PCR test required no more than 3 days before boarding my flight or before arrival in Australia? 
The COVID-19 PCR test must be done no more than 3 days before the scheduled departure time of your flight (or your first flight, if you have one or more connecting flights booked for your travel to Australia).

I have had my COVID-19 PCR test. Should I quarantine until I get the result?
To reduce your chance of catching COVID-19 after taking your COVID-19 PCR test it is recommended that you minimise contact with others for the period between taking your test and going to the airport for your flight.

Do Australia’s travel restrictions still apply if I have a negative COVID-19 PCR test?
Yes, Australia has strict border measures in place to protect the health of the Australian community. You can see information on who can travel to Australia from the Department of Home Affairs.

Modified quarantine arrangements, including home quarantine, may vary depending on the state or territory of your first arrival.

I have had my COVID-19 PCR test and have received my negative test result certificate. However, my flight has been delayed outside of the 3 day window. What should I do?
If your flight is delayed, you have met the pre-departure testing requirements. You do not need a new test.

However, if your flight has been re-scheduled or cancelled, you will need to provide new evidence of a negative COVID-19 PCR test result taken no more than 3 days before the re-scheduled or newly booked flight.

If I transit through other airports on my way to Australia and more than 3 days  has passed since my initial COVID-19 PCR test, do I need new COVID-19 PCR test result when I check-in for my direct flight to Australia?
No, if you do not leave the airport precinct (including transit accommodation) you will not be required to complete another COVID-19 PCR test. Your initial test result will cover you for your entire journey to Australia.

Do I need to give evidence of a negative COVID-19 PCR test to the airline when checking in for a domestic flight in Australia?
Currently, people departing on domestic flights in Australia do not need to display evidence of a negative COVID-19 PCR test result. Biosecurity and public health measures help prevent the spread of COVID-19. This includes mandatory use of face masks in airport terminals and on domestic flights. You should check the relevant state or territory health department and airline websites for the most up to date domestic travel advice.


Source: Australian Government Department of Health: Coronavirus (COVID-19) FAQs – international travellers