The first Henn na Hotel in the Kansai area! Henn na Hotel Shinsaibashi is the Kansai area addition to the Henn na Hotel family, and it lives up to the promise of hotels to keep on evolving! The hotel is close to Shinsaibashi Station making for a convenient location for travelers, and the hotel boasts air conditioned rooms, free WiFi, and the same great robot technology that is loved at our other locations! Henn na Hotel Shinsaibashi is great for families and couples as a fun and unique place to stay, but is also great for those traveling on business that need a convenient hotel in a great location with efficient service!


(All rooms are non-smoking)

※Each guest room is equipped with modern technology that maximizes efficiency.
※Universal Rooms are available, but limited in number. Please inform us in advance if this room type is required.
※LG Styler: (Not available in all rooms. Please enquire on availability at time of booking) A personal steam clothes refresher designed to keep you always looking your very best with minimal effort
 Double Room
BED SIZE(S) 1 double bed - 154 x 195 cm
ROOM SIZE 15.62m² 
 Standard Twin Room
BED SIZE(S) 2 single beds - 97 x 195 cm
ROOM SIZE 16.54m² 
 Hollywood Twin Room
BED SIZE(S) 2 single beds - 90 x 195 cm
ROOM SIZE 16.47m² 
 Standard Twin Room with LG Styler
BED SIZE(S) 2 single beds - 90 x 195 cm
ROOM SIZE 17.66m²



Molly’s Asian Noodle

Molly’s Asian Noodle offers fusion cuisine, like Mazesoba or, mixed noodles; a dry noodle dish made with a sauce of soy sauce and pork lard, and various toppings including raw garlic, raw egg, cheese, and minced meat, which are mixed with the noodles before eating. Infused with plenty of herbs and spices typically used in creating meals on the West coast of Japan, you're sure to find something to enjoy!
Venue 1F

Breakfast - (07:00am - 11:00am / L.O. 10:30am) buffet-style of breakfast consisting of more than 40 food and drink options. A take-away menu is also available
※Menu is changed every 2 weeks

Lunch - ( Noodle Time 11:30am - 05:00pm / L.O. 04:00pm)
Various types of Mazesoba on offer - Mazesoba with Thai Curry sauce, Mazesoba with Dandan noodle, Healthy Salad Mazesoba, etc.


 LG Styler: A personal steam clothes refresher designed to keep you always looking your very best with minimal effort.
 Robohone: Equipped with face recognition and voice recognition functions. You can talk, walk and dance with it! In addition to a display of 19 dancing Robohone to greet you in the lobby, speaking with individual Robohone in your room will inform you about the hotel information. Robohone has alarm function, and more.
BREATHAIR®: has many characteristics: air permeability, cushioning, water permeability, durability, antibacterial properties and kind to the environment to name but a few. Mattresses made with BREATHAIR® makes it easy to move around and turn over.

 Tabii and Handy: The original tablet-based service Tabii, which can control room lights, air conditioner and TV. Handy Smartphone is a complimentary guest amenity offering free connectivity, content, services and in-destination offers.


 Philips Colour Ambiance: Set the tone for every activity in your home with the Hue LED Smart Light Bulbs from Philips. Use Hue Bridge and smartphone or tablet to control the brightness and color of your lighting. Choose a bright setting to start off your day or darker setting for winding down before bed.



Henn na Hotel Osaka Shinsaibashi is located nearby the second exit of Midosuji Line Shinsaibashi Station.
It is also a convenient location where you can access to Dotonbori, Tsutenkaku Tower and shopping areas easily.

From Itami Airport

Airport bus (30 min.) to Namba Station, walk (10 min.) to Hotel

From Kansai Airport

JR train (34 min.) to Tennoji Station, train to Shinsaibashi Station, walk (8 min.) to Hotel

From Shin-Osaka Station

Midosuji line Subway (20min) to Shinsaibashi Station, walk (5 min) to Hotel


Nearby Attractions

Osaka is flashy, bright, and bustling. Osaka is at once, both a business centre and a mecca of shopping centres and entertainment. Walking around in Osaka means there is never a shortage of things to do. The dazzling lights, shopping malls, delicious restaurants, and lively nightlife awaits you here.
  1. Osaka jo Castle
  2. Umeda / Dotonbori / Tsutenkaku
  3. Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan
  4. Floating Garden Observatory
  5. Tennoji Zoo
  6. USJ