1. Anyone who would prefer to use Limousine bus for their transfer to and from Narita Airport to Tokyo downtown and major hotels in Tokyo are eligible.
  2. This includes Japanese or non-Japanese citizens regardless of any visa status.
    **This coupon cannot be used for the bus service departing from Haneda Airport


The validity period of a Limousine coupon is indefinite. Unused coupons can be used for your next travels.


No refund can be made once purchased. No refund can be made in the event of a delay, or the like.

No Re-Issue

A coupon cannot be reissued if lost or stolen. Please ensure its safekeeping.

Conditions of Use

  • Only the person whose name is inscribed on the face of the coupon can use it.
  • The holder must carry a valid passport when using the coupon.
  • The coupon should be exchanged for a ticket before use at Narita airport
  • Prior reservations from Narita Airport to Tokyo downtown is not available. No refund can be made even if there are no available reserved seats and the holder must use non-reserved seating. The coupons cannot be used for other bus service or taxi service or any train service.
  • The pass cannot be used for fares on connecting or other bus lines other than Narita Airport Limousine Bus Co.
  • The holder will be required to pay applicable fares incurred as a result of riding beyond the designated area for this coupon.