Nozawa Onsen is only 1 Ski Resort but is one of the largest ski areas within Japan.

The skiing at Nozawa Onsen is some of the best due to its wide range of offerings for all skiiers. 
Nozawa Onsen is located in the northern part of the Nagano Prefecture of Honshu, the main island of Japan. Famous due to its public hot-springs and Japanese traditions, Nozawa Onsen is now becoming world famous due to its amazing powder runs and world class terrain park.

How to get there
From Narita Airport: 5-6 hours by bus
From Tokyo: 4.5-5 hours by bus
From Nagoya: 5 hours by bus
From Osaka: 7 hours by bus

From Narita International Airport you are able to catch a train to Nagano and then a bus from Nagano to Nozawa Onsen. This trip take approximently 4 hours. Bus transfer is the most convenient way to get to Nozawa Onsen from Narita Airport or Tokyo City. The bus to Nozawa takes about 5 -6 hours depending on road conditions and your drop off point.  

Mountain Statistics 
Ski Season: December to April
Mountain Elevation: 1085 meters
Snowfall Average: 10 meters
Longest Run: 10 km
Steepest Run: 39 Degrees
Numbers of Courses: 39
Number of Lifts: 24
Terrain: Beginner: 30%, Intermediate: 30%, Advanced: 40%


Nozawa Onsen Ski Trail Map  Click link to PDF file  Nozawa Weather  Click link to Snow

Shuttle buses
As Nozawa Onsen is a small village, everything is easily accessable on foot.

Restaurants & Nightlife
Nozawa Onsen offers fabulous on eating option on the powder. Within the village there are over 20 inexpensive restaurants available. The town is steeped in history and is really just a quiet and charming farming community. This translates into delicious fresh local produce and some amazing eating delights. As all the venues cater to the locals all year round the prices are very good value all the time. You can easily get a terrific meal in many places for less than 1000 yen. So it can be affordable to eat out every night and there are some unique and memorable splurges too. Average drink prices start from ¥500. As Nozawa Onsen is extremely traditonal there is a few quite bars on offer for night life.

Nozawa Onsen have a large variety of cultural experiences on offer, so much so some people do not even ski whilst in Nozawa. Some must to see while in Nozawa include Onsens, the annual Onsen Fire Fesitval, and taking a day trip to Jigokudani Snow Monkey Park.