Japan Food Lovers 9 Days

8 Nights from $3,290

(* Price is per person.)

* Excludes Airfares
* Departure: Every Wednes Day and Saturday (except peak season)  
* Seasonal surcharges apply for all other dates.
* Minimum 2 People
* Prices are based on 2 or more people travelling.    
  (A single supplement surcharge will apply if a solo traveller)


1. Experience Tasting Sukiyaki Dinner,
    Fish Market, Sushi Work Shop in Tokyo     
2. Experience a tea ceremony,  a Japanese Style-Lunch
    in a Yakata-bune Boat, Sake Tasting       
3. Kyoto's unique night atmosphere,
   watch Japanese Traditional Performance and  
    Maiko dancing, Walk to Gion, Zen Dining   
4. Visit Kiyomizu Temple, Heian JIngu Shrine,
    Sanjusangendo Temple, Fushimi Inari Taisha (Shrine),
    Byodoin Temple,Todaiji (Temple) and Kasuga Taisha (Shrine)
    in Kyoto & Nara
6. Visit to Temple and Shrine in Kyoto & Nara    
    (Prices are based on 2 or more people travelling. 
    A single supplement surcharge will apply if a solo traveller)


Departure From Tokyo
Mar - 15th Nov : Wed, Sat
Meals Breakfast 8
Lunch 4
Dinner 3
Guide English-speaking guide or assistant service is included during day tour.
Minimum participaints 2  peole
Tour code JP-TYO-F001

Route Map

Call us on 1800 802 552  or  Online Enquiry


B: Breakfast | L: Lunch | D: Dinner

Day 1


Upon arrival at Narita Airport, take a shared taxi to your accommodation.

Overnight at Grand Price Hotel New Takanawa or similar Hotel (4.5 Star or Similar)

Tokyo (B)

Day 2

Tokyo (B)

After breakfast at your Hotel, take part in the Tokyo Morning tour, visiting the Tokyo Tower, Imperial Palace Plaza, the Sensoji (Temple) and Nakamise Shopping Street.

Overnight at Keio Plaza Hotel or similar Hotel (4.5 Star Hotel)

Tokyo (B,L,D)

Day 3

Tokyo (B,L,D)

Breakfast at Hotel then join the Tsukiji Outer Fish Market and Sushi Workshop Tour.
A professional chef will show you how to make sushi, which you can then enjoy for your lunch.
The morning tour ends on arrival at Ginza station. Afternoon is free until the night tour.
Gather in the lobby at Grand Hyatt Hotel to experience a Sukiyaki Dinner at Roppongi Hills Observatory.
The night tour will end upon being seated at the restaurant. Enjoy Sukiuaki Dinner and head back to your hotel at your leisure.

Overnight at Keio Plaza Hotel or similar Hotel (4.5 Star Hotel)

Tokyo- Mt. Fuji- Hakone (B,L,D)

Day 4

Tokyo- Mt. Fuji- Hakone (B,L,D)

Breakfast at your Hotel, Travel by coach half way up Japan's highest mountain, Mount Fuji, to experience a spectacular view at a height of 2,300 meters. Enjoy a Japanese - Style lunch. In the afternoon, proceed to the Hakone Rope-way, and Descend to Lake Ashi for a cruise on the lake.
After the tour, make your own way from Hakone Yumoto station to your accommodation in Hakone.
*Shuttle bus (100JPY/pp) 7 min, *Taxi 5 min or walk 20 min.

Overnight at Hotel Nampu-so Hakone or similar (3.5 Star Ryokan)

Hakone- Kyoto (B)

Day 5

Hakone- Kyoto (B)

Breakfast at your Ryokan then make your way to Hakone Yumoto station and take the local train to Odawara Station, then catch the bullet train from Odawara to Kyoto. Check in at your Hotel, and then you will join the Kyoto afternoon tour. You will visit the Heian Jingu Shrine, Sanju Sangendo Temple and Kiyomizu Temple, returning to your accommodation in the early evening.

Overnight at Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto or similar (4 Star Hotel)

Kyoto (B)

Day 6

Kyoto (B)

Breakfast at Hotel. You will be picked up for the Fushimi Inari Taisha (Shrine), and the Sake Tasting Tour. You will visit and taste some sake at the famous sake brewery, the Gekkeikan Okura Sake Museum. Enjoy walking the famous pathway to Fushimi Inari Shrine, lined by one thousand gateways painted orange. The tour will end on arrival at Kyoto station, and then you will have free time in the afternoon.

Overnight at Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto or similar (4 Star Hotel)

Kyoto-Nara-Kyoto (B.L)

Day 7

Kyoto-Nara-Kyoto (B.L)

After breakfast you will be join a tour that takes you to Uji, the World Heritage Byodoin Temple and Nara. Experience a tea ceremony in the famous tea town of Uji. After lunch you will visit Todaiji (Temple), Nara Park, Kasuga Grand Shrine and Nara Nagomikan by coach. The tour will finish at your accommodation in the evening.

Overnight at Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto or similar (4 Star Hotel)

Kyoto (B,L,D)

Day 8

Kyoto (B,L,D)

Breakfast at Hotel. Sagano Bamboo Grove and Arashiyama Walking Tour - visiting Tenryuji (Temple), Sagano Banboo Grove, Jojakkoji(Temple) and Togetsu-Kyo Bridge. After a Japanese style lunch in a Yakata - Bune boat through Arashiyama, the tour will end upon arrival at the boat deck. Enjoy your afternoon; you will have free time until the night tour which starts in the early evening. The tour walks the Gion district to experience its unique night atmosphere. Watch Japanese traditional performances at Gion Corner, including Maiko dancing Kyo-mai Dance, Tea ceremony, Koto Zither, Gagaku Court Music, Kyogen Theater and Bunraku Puppet Theater. Enjoy Zen dining in a Yoshi-Ima inn. You will be dropped off at your accommodation at the end of the tour.

Overnight at Rihga Royal Hotel Kyoto or similar (4 Star Hotel)


Day 9


Breakfast at your Hotel. Free until departure. Transfer to Kansai Airport by shared taxi.
Pick up time is appriximately 4 hours prior to the flight.

* Please refer to general booking conditions.


Hotels: Tokyo (3 nights), Hakone (1 night), Kyoto (4 nights)
Meals: 8 breakfasts, 4 lunches, 3 dinners
Guide: An English speaking guide service is included on Days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8


* The above offers are subject to availability and confirmation.
* For full terms and conditions, please contact our travel specialists.
* Costing will vary from time to time depending on the exchange rate. The final rate will be confirmed at time of booking confirmation.
***Hakone Yumoto - Odawara Self expence JPY310.  15min Hakone Tozan Line.

Day 2 : Tokyo Morning Tour
1. If the minimum number of participants is not met by 4 days before a scheduled date, the tour on the date may be cancelled.
2. As the Royal Family New Year Greeting takes place at the Imperial Palace on Jan. 2nd, we will not be visiting the Imperial Palace on that day (we will be viewing the Palace from the bus).

Day 3 : Tsukiji Fish Market

1. Please note that this tour uses public transportation. Also, please stay safe around forklifts and other vehicles while touring the Tsukiji Outer Market.
2. This tour does NOT include the viewing of the tuna auctions.
3. Participants may be grouped with others for the sushi workshop.
4. The sushi workshop location is subject to change to Ginza. refer to the itinerary for potential changes in schedule
5. Vegetarian meals not available.
6. Raw fish may be prepared using a kitchen knife.
7. Booking for children under 6 years of age cannot be accepted for this tour.
8. Raw fish will be prepared by hand to make sushi. Note that the ingredients used may vary day to day.
9. Please note that requests related to food allergies cannot be accepted.

Roppongi Hills & Sukiyaki Dinner
1. The cost of drinks is not covered by this tour and will be paid for by the participant.
2. Grand Hyatt Tokyo is 3-6 minutes on foot from Roppongi Station (Hibiya Line Exit 1c, Oedo line Exit 3)
3. The assistant will notify the manner of return and explain the menu at the restaurant.
4. Vegetarian meal available.
5. Thisi is walking tour, so we recommend participanting in casual clothes and comfortable shoes (The walking course covers approovimately 2.2km)
6. Participants of the same group will be served the same menu. One Nabe hot-pot will be served per group.

Day 4 : Mt. Fuji & Hakone Tour
1. Please note that the tour may not visit the Mt. komagatake Rope-way in cases of heavy traffic. the tour will not be cancelled, and no refunds will be provided in such cases. In addition, the arrival time may also be delayed. ( The estimated arrival time is between 20:00-22:00)
2. If Fuji Visitor Centre is closed or the tour is behind schedule due to traffic the visit to Fuji Visitor Centre may be skipped.
3. If the roadway to Mt Fuji 5th station should be blocked due to road  surface freezing, the tour would be taken to the highest elevation point possible.
4. As temperatures drop significantly on Mt. Fuji, it is highly recommended to bring an overcoat ot other warm clithing from fall to spring.
5. The tour will not be cancelled or refunded even if the full view if Mt. Fuji is not visible due to weather conditions.
6. The Komagatake Ropeway or Lake Ashi cruise ma be omitted or substituted depending on traffic, weather conditions or other operational concerns. If either or both are omitted the following alternatives may be used:  Hakone Ropeway, Owakudani valley, Hakone  Check Point,  Narukawa Art Museum, Hakone Sekisho (checking station) remains, Lake Kawaguchi Cruise, pirate boat on Lake Ashi, Lake Kawaguchi Rope-way, Hakone-en Auqarium,Itchiku Kubota Art Museum. The tour will not be cancelled or refunded for such itinerary alteration.
7. Please apply GPS audio guide at the time of reservation. The number of GPS audio guides is limited, so they may not be available to each of you.
8. The tour guide may not accompany back to Tokyo from Odawara Station. In this case, the manner of returning will be informed in advance.
9. Note the bus may make multiple stops at hotels, in the Hakone area after sightseeing concludes.
10. If the minimum number of participants is not met by 4 days before a scheduled date, the tour on the date may be cancelled.

Day5: Kyoto Afternoon Tour
1. During the Jidai Festival on October 22, Heian Shrine is closed to the public and will be replaced in the itinerary by Chishaku-in Temple.
2. Drop-off service from Karasuma Kyoto Hotel and Hotel Nikko Princes Kyoto cannot be provided during Gion Festival (Saki Matsuri/ 14th - 16th July) due to traffic restrictions.
3. Connection to the Kyoto Night tour and Kyoto Maiko Dinner is possible. Please choose to be dropped off at  Kyoto Hotel Okura.
4. Areas requiring admission fee at Heian Jingu Shrine will not be visited.
5. Public transportaion will be used between Osaka and Kyoto, Seating may not ve available
6. English speaking assistant will be accompanied round trip between Osaka and Kyoto
7. Public Transportation will be used between Osaka and Kyoto. Seating may not be available.

Day6: Fushimi Inari Sake Sake Tasting Tour
1. This tour uses public transportation with non-reserved seats. Please note that seating is not guaranteed.
2. This is a walking tour, so please wear shoes and clothes which are comfortable to walk in.
3. While people under 20 years of age may join this tour, they will not be served sake and non-alcoholic beverages will not be provided in place of alcoholic drinks.
4. If the minimum number of participants (2) is not met by 5 days before the scheduled date, the tour on that date may be cancelled.

Day7 : Uji  & Nara 1- Day Tour
1. Public transport will be used, Seating may not be available
2. Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes as this tour will vbe on foot.
3. Nakanoshima Park will not be visited due to river conditions.
4. This is combination of Uji walking & Tea ceremony tour and Nara afternoon tour with Lunch.
5. The Phoenix hall at Byodo-in Temple may not be entered due to congestion, in which case JPY300 will be refunded to participants on the day
6. At Kasuga Taisha Shrine, the tour will not enter areas requiring admission.
7. Drop-off service from Karasuma Kyoto Hotel and Hotel Nikko Princes Kyoto cannot be provided during Gion Festival (Saki Matsuri/ 14th - 16th July) due to traffic restrictions.
8. The tour may not visit Nara Nagomikan, if it is closed or due to traffic conditions.
9. Connection to the Kyoto Night Tour or Kyoto Maiko Tour is not possible.
10. A vegetarian meal is available. Please request upon reservation.

Day 8 : Sagano bamboo & Arashiyama Walking Tour
1. The tour will be accompanied by a certified English-speaking guide.
2. Minimum participants required : 2 persons.
3. This tour is a walking tour of 3 kilometers in total, so please wear comfortable shoes.
4. The order of the tour itinerary is subject to change.        
5. Public transportation will be used. Seating may not be available.   
6. Tour will end upon arrival at the boat deck for tour including lunch option. Train tickets between Saga- Arashiyama and Kyoto will be distributed at this time.

7. If the boat cannot be boarded due to weather conditions, lunch will be served at restaurant instead. In this case JPY 2,000 will be refunded.
8. Children the age of 4 and 5 years old wil be charged for the boarding Yakatabune JPY1,000 on the spot.

 Kyoto Night Tour
1. Casual clothing is permitted.
2. This tour can be booked on the same day as Kyoto Afternoon tour and Kyoto 1-day Tour.
    Connections will be made either at Kyoto Hotel Okura.
3. Connections from Nara afternoon tour, and Kyoto & Nara 1-day tour are not possible due t time constraints.
4. The dinner menu consists of vegetarian friendly Buddhist cuisine.
Menu: Tempura ( tofu, wheat starch, tofu skin, eggplant lotus root ginger, shiitake mushroom and other seasonal vegetables) miso soup and rice.

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